Marketing & Business Development

Women drive the World’s economy.

According to the Harvard Business Review, women globally control more than $20 trillion in annual consumer spending. This represents a growth market twice as big as China and India combined.

So whether you are targeting female consumers, or you are a women-owned business, I have the experience and the network to help. With a focus on businesses that are starting up, pivoting, or ready to grow; my expertise, experience and relationships can get you where you want to be…and fast.

I Am A Storyteller.

Sometimes it’s been as a journalist. Other times as part of a marketing team. Or as a leader running companies. And frequently as a go-to media expert. But today it’s all of those experiences that I draw upon to help clients.

I’ve been a part of a number of Internet success stories over the past two decades. These include: Netflix, eBay and ShopStyle/PopSugar; and in locales from San Francisco and New York to London and Paris. Roles have included digital and consumer marketing, communications, global expansion and general management. And all with a keen focus on women as the main audience.

And as a leader, I’ve also spoken with the media on the subject of online shopping and global commerce. See more here.

Finally, MarketingtoSHE is part of a portfolio of global marketing solutions that are flexible and tailored to your needs. See here to learn more.